The Dark Side of Nude Modelling

I get messages daily asking me about information on Suicide Girls, booking in with me or tips in general – too often, though, I am receiving messages from girls hurt, angry and upset with how they’ve been treated on a photoshoot by a creepy photographer. Too many times I have photographed someone after years of hiatus with…… Continue reading The Dark Side of Nude Modelling

Models: What To Expect At Your First Nude Photoshoot.

You’ve spent a little while preparing for your first nude photoshoot – possibly with hopes of becoming a Hopeful Suicide Girl and now it’s time for you to get your kit off and shoot your first nude set – very scary! I can only relay what you would expect on a shoot with me as your photographer and all…… Continue reading Models: What To Expect At Your First Nude Photoshoot.

How Can I Become a Suicide Girl? Pros and Cons.

“The SuicideGirls are exceptionally interesting and stylish beautiful women from all over the world. They are the most crush worthy women we could find on the planet, the girls with style and grace and sexiness that we love.” – At this point I’m assuming you’ve read my first blog ‘What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?’ or you…… Continue reading How Can I Become a Suicide Girl? Pros and Cons.

What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?

This is my fourth year working with Suicide Girls as a photographer, almost exclusively. Whilst I do photograph other things, I consider SG to be my ‘main job’ as a freelance photographer. Focusing on SG is something that has happened gradually but was definitely a conscious decision of mine. I used to shoot for a…… Continue reading What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?

Tinder – …And The Ugly.

We’ve already looked at The Good and covered some of The Bad but this blog I’m going to be talking about the ugly side of Tinder. The ugly but very far from shocking side. Most peoples reactions when they found out I was on Tinder were either just pure disgust because, well, it’s Tinder or they were simply shocked…… Continue reading Tinder – …And The Ugly.