The Kind Christmas Gift Guide

Yup, it’s that time of year again already! and it’s gone faster than ever (does that carry on speeding up as you age?) The thought of how quick this year has flown by is almost panic inducing – like many people find Christmas shopping! For those of you who are stumped for gifts, I’ve put…… Continue reading The Kind Christmas Gift Guide

VE Cosmetics: Vegan Beauty

…Because there’s no beauty in cruelty. Today, I wanted to introduce you to a lovely small business run by a friend of a friend. VE Cosmetics is the child of Lynsey who spotted a gap in the beauty market. She will never use animal derived ingredients in any of her products, keeping the full range…… Continue reading VE Cosmetics: Vegan Beauty

SO JUST Beauty Box

If you’ve been looking into making some zero waste swaps but realised it’s all the rage right now which means there are SO many options – too many options if you’re indecisive like I am – then the best way for you to get started might be with a box deal of stuff to try.…… Continue reading SO JUST Beauty Box

The Retouch Process: What Happens After The Photoshoot?

You’ve spent weeks in anticipation Preparing For Your First Nude Photoshoot and you know from my last blog exactly What To Expect At Your First Nude Photoshoot (you might have even shot it already) – but now what? You pack up your things and head home to eat as many carbs as possible in one sitting. Hopefully you’ve already…… Continue reading The Retouch Process: What Happens After The Photoshoot?

Models: Preparing For Your First Nude Photoshoot

Preparing for your first shoot can either be a super fun part of the process or an anxiety inducing, nerve-racking panic. Either way, there’s a load of things you can be getting on with planning in the time between booking and actually modelling for your shoot. Whilst this series is mostly to answer things I’m…… Continue reading Models: Preparing For Your First Nude Photoshoot

Photographers: Shooting for Suicide Girls in Five Steps

So…you read my last blog explaining how I became a Staff Photographer for SG and it’s left you questioning how you can become a photographer for Suicide Girls…Read on for five easy steps to get there! Before we get into this, please first ask yourself why you want to shoot for Suicide Girls because this…… Continue reading Photographers: Shooting for Suicide Girls in Five Steps

How Can I Become a Suicide Girl? Pros and Cons.

“The SuicideGirls are exceptionally interesting and stylish beautiful women from all over the world. They are the most crush worthy women we could find on the planet, the girls with style and grace and sexiness that we love.” – At this point I’m assuming you’ve read my first blog ‘What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?’ or you…… Continue reading How Can I Become a Suicide Girl? Pros and Cons.

What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?

This is my fourth year working with Suicide Girls as a photographer, almost exclusively. Whilst I do photograph other things, I consider SG to be my ‘main job’ as a freelance photographer. Focusing on SG is something that has happened gradually but was definitely a conscious decision of mine. I used to shoot for a…… Continue reading What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?