Southampton: My Local Gift Guide

I thought it was about time I updated this little gift guide featuring some of my favourite sellers and makers based in and around Southampton – just in time for your Christmas shopping! These sellers and tonnes more will be at the Etsy Made Local market on the 1st of December (I’ll pop details at the bottom) at The Spark building from 11am – 4pm where I’ll also be DJing a few tunes while you wander around supporting our local creators. If you live in Southampton or can make it down for a day trip, then don’t miss this as last years was amazing and I this time is going to be bigger and better than ever, with twice as many sellers! Festive markets like this are so great as they make it easy to spend some of your money on independents this Christmas, as we all know the big guys have enough lining their pockets…So why not keep your money in Southampton, helping out the local economy and our neighbouring freelancers? Hooray for small businesses!

  1. ONR. Shop
Image taken from ONR online store.

Rachel is one of the organisers for this event and whilst her shop has been closed due to wrangling baby River, her sister Charlotte will be selling pins and prints at the market so it’s a great chance to get your hands on something if you’ve been waiting for the store to reopen. With River eighteen months old now, there’s been a lot going on (and that still doesn’t include ANY sleep) but Rachel is such an inspiring woman and great with everything she turns her hand to. Her brand has changed a lot over the years from plates, to pins to posters but you’ll have to be there to see what little gems are for sale this year! Check out her Instagram here to see the sort of things you might expect.
2. Pinyatay

Image taken from Pinyatay online store.

Kate is also an organiser for the Etsy made local events here, she hand makes piñatas so gorgeous it’s so hard to bring yourself to smash it up…I don’t think I’d be able to, I’d just want to keep it forever! She’s amazingly talented, creating anything from the Millennium Falcon or a Unicorn, to a vagina with a penis whacking stick (yep, check it out on the store!) Her online shop features all sorts from £7 to £60, with the option to order something completely customised or just pick from one of her fun ideas. There’s a massive variety, this lady can make anything into a piñata!

Golden Snitch –  £40, absolutely love this one…How could you smash it!? It’s perfect.
Moon with Dangling Star –  £25, again, I couldn’t obliterate this, I just want it as a decoration to keep. Super pretty to look at.
Strawberry – £30, there’s just nothing like a good British strawb. I don’t know how she manages to get these shapes so perfect but I love seeing her work.

3. Sorayraya

Image taken from Sorayraya online store.

Soraya is mostly known for her hand decorated phone-cases featuring a perfect blend of everything goth and kawaii all in one place! She’s also branched out into other fashion accessories, including broaches, personalised chokers and more and is always updating the fun pop culture references in her products.

Studded Round Glasses – £15.99 and covered in silver studs. Similar style also available in cat-eye shape for £14.99!
Black Coffin Earrings – £4, perfect for your favourite Goth. There’s a variety of shapes, styles and colours available from £3-5.
Witch Please Phone Case – £19.99, packed with everything you need to give off true spooky vibes. Phone cases range from £4.99 to £24.99 depending on style and complexity.

4. Amy Harwood

Image taken from Amy Harwood online store.

Amy is an awesomely talented illustrator and I just love all of her creations, featuring an abundance of cute animals, precious stones and the local area! Her products range from greetings cards, prints and posters to enamel pins and clothing, all adorned with her lovely designs. From £40, you can get a customised pet portrait in her unique style for that extra special gift or even book onto one of her workshops to get creative yourself. Now all I need to get is a pet…

Dinosaurs 2020 Calendar – £10, we all need to keep on top of our busy schedule somehow so why not combine that with some dinosaur illustrations!?
Jurassic Park Map – £8, this print is perfect for any Jurassic Park fans, showcasing the park with Amy’s own illustrated interpretation.
Bespoke Illustrated Map – £100+, if you’re looking for something more personal, Amy will design a bespoke, illustrated map containing specific points on interest relevant to you. The perfect way to tell the story of how a couple met as a gift for a wedding or anniversary!

5. Katie Moody

Image taken from Katie Moody online store.

A graphic designer by day and illustrator by night, Katies store is full of stationary, prints and wall art to suit all tastes. There are greetings card for almost any occasion, including Christmas, but also general thank yous and positive notes. I’ve picked my three personal faves from the store below:

Constellation Wall Art – £14, I think this print is just stunning, I love the marbling of the colours together and the style of the piece as a whole.
Cat Stickers – £3, I couldn’t resist buying these for a friend last year as they’re just hilarious. Loaf cat has to be my favourite but, don’t worry, there are dog ones too!
‘My Cat Likes You’ Greetings Card – £2.50, there is no greater accolade than being accepted by someones pet. Whether this is for a friend or an anniversary, tell someone how cool they are and let them know that your fur baby agrees.

6. Alistair McNab

Image taken from Alistair McNabs online store.

Alistair is a New Forest woodworker who lovingly hand-crafts unique, sustainable furniture using locally sourced, premium quality, solid wood – repurposing wood as art pieces as well as worktops and much more. I love the geometric designs and I always notice them on a wall anywhere, his pieces really stand out as his own. I really can’t wait to see what he brings to the market! See more on his Instagram here.

Dark Oak and Walnut Headboard – £450, just one example of the larger pieces Alistair creates but make sure you have a chat to him for whatever bespoke ideas you might have in mind. His creations seem to know no limits!

Geometric Wall Hanging £160, it’s almost like those mesmerising ‘magic eye’ posters everyone wanted as a child…only now you can have that with the added style and class Alistairs woodwork brings to the occasion.

Abstract Geometric Wall Art – £75, a modern and colourful take on using reclaimed woodwork, perfect for those of you that like a pop of colour on the walls!

7. The Whimsical Kitchen

Image taken from The Whimsical Kitchen online store.

Jackie makes quirky and colourful home made treats bursting with all your favourite sweets. These marshmallows and fudge would make lovely Christmas gifts, but you could also easily scoff them yourself before then…by accident…Which I actually saw on of the previous customers left in a review. Make sure you get to her stall early, last year I left it until the end as I was chatting away and she’d completely run out due to the hungry hoards turning up in droves. Leaving me fudge-less, don’t make the same mistake I did…eternal regret. She does everything from massive tray bake portions to little gift bags so check out her instagram here, see if you can resist drooling!

8. Lula Rocks

Image taken from Lula Rocks online store.

Based just over in Portsmouth, I really wanted to include Lucy in this local gift guide, as she makes some great items all with pop culture trends in mind! Perfect for special gifts with that personal touch to them. Lucy makes party decor, pins and other accessories but I’ve narrowed down my top picks below:

Ho Ho Hototoro Enamel Pin – £8.50 and unsurprisingly a very popular product. Super cute Totoro with an added Christmas vibe! The perfect accessory this festive season.
I’d Rather Be At Hogwarts Enamel Pin – £3.75, currently on sale, this item is a great stocking filler for all those Harry Potter fans. There’s even a matching Luna Lovegood Fanclub pin, too.
I Love You Like Eleven Loves Eggos – £0.50 on sale, comes in pink or mint green and would make an awesome anniversary card for every Strange couple. We all need an Eleven in our lives.

9. Hey Hey Ginger

Image taken from Hey Hey Ginger online store.

Kate is also based just down the road in Portsmouth and her store features everything from pins and badges, to stationary, greetings cards and a bunch of Christmas stuff! Her unique and colourful style means this will definitely stand out!

Sausage Roll Patrol Iron On Patch – £8, this has a whole new meaning since vegan sausage rolls took over the UK highstreet! Obviously a fab gift for any of your sausage-loving-pals, vegan or not.
Brunch Bunch Iron on Patch – £8, I love breakfast and brunch at all times, there’s never a bad time! Love this product line, also includes Brew Crew (so me) and Hot Choc Squad.
Watermelon Christmas Wrapping Paper – £4, time to get wrapping! I love this cute but confusing paper, take a look for yourself. Great if you’re looking for something a little different than the standard gift wrap.

10. Tiny Scenic

Image taken from Tiny Scenic online store.

Jo Strange makes quirky, chunky, statement jewellery with such unique style. I don’t know if it’s just me and my love of horror but theres something very eerie and a bit ‘Twin Peaks’ about them and I love it! Each piece transports me back to a scene in a movie I can’t quite remember – really interesting pieces. I don’t wear jewellery often myself but I think the retro style of these is so cinematic and I had to include them!

Motel Sign Necklace – £44, this one kind of reminds me of Drive. I think a lot of the vibes I’m getting is coming purely from the use of colour as well as the obvious 50s Americana.
Swimming Pool Necklace – £53, each necklace comes in a lovely presentation box and the attention to detail on this one is completely insane.
Bowling Brooch Set – £18, if necklaces aren’t for you – not to worry! There are some great options for pin brooches too and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the festive market.

11. Tumble and Rose

Image taken from Tumble and Rose online store.

Helen makes the most beautiful jewellery, as well as pins and even a lovely hand-poured so candle gift set. Her online store showcases an eco-friendly hand-made collection inspired by nature with a heavy focus on raw crystals. Everything on there is so lovely, you won’t be able to choose but I’ve tried to pin-point a few of my favourite bits below:

Stripey Top Club Pin – £7, Does your wardrobe consist entirely of stripey tops? Join Helens club! The perfect gift for any of your stripe-loving pals.
Raw Fire Opal Copper Ring – £20, these rings are made from ethically sourced fire opals and recycled copper, so no two rings are the same, but each is electroformed with beautiful copper forming an entirely unique shape.
Raw Opal Ring – £40, this sterling silver ring is made to order in your size using beautiful, ethically sourced fire opals. Let her know if there’s a particular colour flash you’re after as well so you can purchase a completely personalised gift.

12. The Mighty Ink

Screenshot 2019-11-26 at 14.08.32
Image taken from The Mighty Ink Instagram page.

Grace will be there with these amazing clay makes. Christmas decorations, pet commissions and illustrations. Lots of her work is completely bespoke, so make sure you chat to her about any of your ideas. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the stall this year! I’ve loved her work for ages and will never forgive myself for missing out on her gorge red panda creation, there’s a similar listing on her store currently for a Clay Rabbit at £15.

13. Spin360

Image taken from Spin360’s website.

They will be supplying something a little different to what you might expect from this kind of market, with bespoke lighting and decorative pieces as well as gorgeous handmade solid copper plant pots, I love the round bottomed ones! I’ll link some faves below:

Solid Copper Pendant Light –  £140, Craig makes these pendant lights by hand spinning solid copper to produce an elegant yet industrial styled pendant light. True quality.
Solid Copper Plant Pot with Stand – £70, I’d absolutely love this in my home. A stunning accessory and would make a special gift.
Solid Copper Hanging Planter – £30, again these are solid copper rather than sprayed or coated. I love them!

14. Woven In Wiltshire

Image taken from Woven in Wiltshires website.

Laura will be bringing her wonderful, hand-woven wall hangings and macramé creations in a range of sizes to suit all budgets! Great to jazz up any space with colour, texture and natural style.

Woven Wall Hanging – £28, this layered fringe mustard, grey and cream wall hanging was handwoven using a weaving loom and just looks so soft and lush!
Mustard Macramé Wall Hanging – £18, using dyed cord, Laura has plenty of more colourful options if you’re looking for a colour pop around the house.
Macramé Hanging Ornaments – £6, for anyone on a tighter budget these are a super cute mini option! Hung using cinnamon sticks I’m sure the smell as great as they look, too.

15. Boy & Bird 

Image taken from Boy & Bird website.

Boy & Bird are bringing kids clothes so gorgeous you’ll be jealous they won’t fit your big grown-up legs, I know I am. I want to wear these rompers! Thankfully there are some leggings options for mamas too, even matching sets if you feel like twinning with your babe, some of my favourite linked below:

Coral Octopus Leggings – £10, from sizes newborn to 5-6 years I only wish they did a larger size for me! These are in the outlet section, so a wee bit cheaper.
Flamingo Romper – £16.50, made from organic cotton and perfect for styling up literally any layers into the sassiest outfit of all time.
Pink Lynx Twist Headband – £7.50, if you’re on a smaller budget keep an eye out for Ellies accessories. The same fab fabric and patterns at lower prices that a full outfit.

16. Knotty Cat Crochet

Images taken from Knotty Cat Crochets website.

Karly will be selling a range of creative crocheted animals, dinosaurs, sloths and even axolotl! Something for everyone, even with the most unique tastes. Check out my top picks:

Annie the Axolotl – £28, soft, squishy and so sweet. I never thought I’d see a crocheted axolotl but here we are!
Douglas the Dinosaur – £30, made from super-soft 100% lambs wool with a beanie bum so he can sit up all by himself!
Olivia the Octopus – £28, pretty in pink but comes in a bunch of colours, she’d be best pals with any shelf that has space for her and her long legs.

17. Little Joy Jewellery

Image taken from Little Joy Jeweller website.

Lauren will be selling her stunning minimal, artisanal fine jewellery, perfect if you’re looking for something extra special. Engagement rings, cufflinks and incredibly dainty accessories are available from their collection or to be commissioned. Check out below for some of my picks from their website:

Open Diamond + Moonstone Ring – £320+, chose your size and quality of gold for an absolutely stunning ring that’s both extravagant and dainty.
Kinship Front/Back Necklace – £130+, can be worn down the front or back to add a little something special to any outfit. Choose between yellow, white, rose gold or silver before deciding wether to add diamonds or not.
Open Eternity Ring – £150, I absolutely love this one. Totally stunning and, again, gives you the option to choose your colour and diamond when ordering.

So that’s it! A few of my fave locally based sellers, please check out their stores and remember that where your money goes can make all the difference to a small business. As I mentioned above, these sellers are just some of the SEVENTY artists that will be at the Etsy Made Local Festive Market this weekend which has increased in size every year due to your demand, so make sure you check out the link and follow the event via Facebook and set aside some time for your visit. I’ll definitely be spending a few pennies, even if it means visiting stalls one at a time whilst a long song is playing…

See you on Sunday! Come and say hello 🙂 feel free to DM me your song requests via my Instagram here.








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