Leafy Chef

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Photo by me featuring ingredients gifted by Leafy Chef.

Leafy Chef are a brand new plant-based recipe kit delivery service serving up planet-friendly recipes where every options is suitable for vegans – hooray! The meals are super simple with easy to follow instructions making it possible to create your favourite foods at home, yourself, with fresh ingredients. Leafy Chef are also working really hard to lower plastic-waste, using paper bags and biodegradable pots to house almost all their ingredients, with their hearts set on replacing the final bits and pieces that have been slightly more difficult, like the plastic sachets – of which, I only had two. As meal kits go, this is definitely the lowest waste one I’ve ever tried which feels great when food preparation tends to build up so much rubbish! Plus, they’ve only been up and running for about a month now so this is a very positive start.

The instructions come printed on brown paper, there are no photos (to save on ink and more rubbish) which seems scary at first – I cook food like this a lot and I still had a moment of ‘ahh, how do I know I’m doing it right?!’ but the instructions were so easy there really was no need for photos but I understand this could be a little daunting for people new to cooking or new to that kind of dish. I spoke to Ben, the owner and director of Leafy Chef, about this and he informed me that they’re in the process of shooting cook-along tutorials that you can watch on your phone whilst cooking which I think is a fab idea and will save so many recipe images from being printed.

Photo features black bean tacos, cooked with products gifted from Leafy Chef.

The black bean tacos were delicious and the portion was so generous that even after being complete piggies when dishing up I still have some left for the next day! Check out the full video of me cooking up the dish below:

4 thoughts on “Leafy Chef

  1. These look delicious and I love that they’re reducing waste! I’ve used recipe boxes before but didn’t like the amount of plastic that comes with them!

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