Mindful Chef: 15minute Meals

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Anyone that knows me knows I love a good recipe box, but now that I’ve been eating more and more plant-based meals it has been getting increasingly difficult to find vegan options on the most well-known recipe delivery services – though I’m sure they are/will be improving after the success of Veganuary 2019!

Photo by me featuring recipe ingredients gifted by Mindful Chef.

Mindful Chef are company I’ve been noticing for a while, I really liked the look of the brand and the food they create as they’re generally healthy and nutritious meals, as well as keeping an eye on timings and providing quick options for busy households! All the recipes are gluten and dairy free with no refined carbs and include lots of lovely veggies, with new vegan options up for selection every week. For every meal sold, Mindful Chef also donate a meal to a child living in poverty and work only with small, family-run British farms to bring fresh produce to your kitchen wherever you are so it’s nice to support companies that are ethically conscious with the products they sell.

Photo by me featuring meal gifted by Mindful Chef.

I decided to cook the Tofu Tikka Masala first, mostly because it was one of their fifteen minute meals. I’d just got in from the gym and was starving so thought I’d put a timer on and see how I did cooking against the clock on my own whilst Simon was at work…Usually I get him to do all the chopping and I just do the actual cooking so it what like losing a pair of arms being on my own! However, the recipes are thankfully all simple to follow and never have too many steps or over complicated techniques so I think I did okay – check out the full video below to see how I got on.

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