SO JUST Beauty Box

Photo by me featuring products gifted by SO JUST.

If you’ve been looking into making some zero waste swaps but realised it’s all the rage right now which means there are SO many options – too many options if you’re indecisive like I am – then the best way for you to get started might be with a box deal of stuff to try. Don’t do what I did and hang about for ages, waiting for the ‘right’ things to try and swap out…Just start making swaps!

Just before Christmas I discovered a brand new UK zero waste brand SO JUST , finding companies like this is great as it saves on the transport of flying products all over the globe and it’s just nice to support local business whether that your home town or to sustain our little island full of UK businesses.

Ellie who runs SO JUST (based in Petersfield so actually quite close!) kindly gifted me a Beauty Box to take a look at so I thought I’d film a little unboxing and highlight some of the products they have on offer. They are committed to selling only products free from palm oil, toxins and plastic whilst being cruelty-free and zero waste – the box isn’t currently vegan but you can opt for a vegan version (which I’ll be showing you) and this takes out the deodorant to make the box vegan friendly – don’t worry, they’ll knock £3 off the price. I know they intend to make their entire range vegan at some point which is really exciting so keep your eyes peeled for that. For now, let’s explore what’s inside the beauty box!

Photo by me featuring products gifted by SO JUST.

Beauty Kubes: Organic Shampoo
You’ve probably seen these all over Instagram, they work in a similar way to shampoo bars but are in pre-portioned little cubes. The box of twenty seven cubes is supposed to last the same amount of time as a standard 300ml bottle of shampoo and you simply use 1-2 cubes (depending on your hair length) and then crumble up with some water in the shower until it become a shampooey paste! Apparently lots of people just use this and no conditioner – conditioner is very difficult to make if you’re trying to stick to natural non-synthetic ingredients which is why you see a lot more shampoo products around than conditioner.

White Rabbit Skincare: Day & Night Cream
This luxury vegan skincare company are based up in Scotland and hand-make their creams in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. This Beauty Box contains four x 5ml aluminium sample pots of their most popular moisturisers: Rose & Frankincense Day Cream, Rosehip & Camellia Day Cream, It’s All About M.E. Night Cream and Coconut & Rosehip Cream. So this is the perfect opportunity to try out a few new creams without committing to a full size pot just yet.

Bloomtown: Himalayan Bath Salts
I’ve been secretly wanting some bath salts ever since I bought my best friend a bunch for post-pregnancy (not really the same) so I was so pleased to see these in there! They come in a lovely glass bottle as well, so they’ll look great in the bathroom even at the times you forget to use them. These are ‘The Meadow’ option which is lavender and rose geranium, perfect for a soak to relax your achy bod and help you on your way to a good nights sleep.

Bloomtown: Berry Lip Balm
You’ll also find a ‘Red and Berried’ lip balm from Bloomtown in this box which is something we could all use – unless it’s just me that misplaces these constantly!? I swear I need a lip balm in every bag and every coat pocket, plus on my bedside table and desk because no matter how many I buy I seem to own none. It makes no sense, so I’m always happy to add another into the mix. Plus,  it smells amazing – like one of those balms you just wanna eat. (plz don’t)

Georganics: Toothbrush, floss and tooth paste.
The natural toothpaste comes in a little glass jar and a super cute wooden spatula to scoop it onto your new bamboo brush. You don’t need to use much, it has a delicate minty taste which is a bit weird to get used to as the flavour isn’t as strong but it is a strong antiseptic, eliminating those pesky germs. It’s fluoride free, organic and contains no nasty chemicals. The natural dental floss is made from a PETA approved sustainable source, ahimsa silk which I hasn’t heard of before and did double take as I know a lot of silks aren’t vegan friendly. Looking into this particular type, though, I discovered it’s well known as ‘peace silk’. The silk cocoons are harvested only once the silk moth has emerged, unlike normal silk, where the pupa is killed when they harvest the cocoon. I’ve looked into this loads as I wasn’t sure many would class this as vegan or not, but most sites seem to say they would count this as a vegan material – I guess that comes down to personal preference! As for the tooth brush itself, it’s sustainably sourced and biodegradable plus you can send it back to Georganics to be recycled.

Friendly Soap: Facial Cleansing Bar
Registered with The Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International, these ethical soaps are handmade using entirely natural and biodegradable ingredients – you’ll never find palm oil or synthetic chemicals here! Made with a third cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil (plus some water) makes it perfect for nourishing dry or sensitive skin.

Photo by me featuring products gifted by SO JUST.

That’s everything inside the box! Make sure you check out the video below to see it all in a little more detail:

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