7Bone ft. Moving Mountains


It’s been a few years since I have eaten at 7Bone Burger Co but last night my social media was blowing up with the announcement of ‘Daisy’s Revenge’ – their brand new vegan burger. This burger features the infamous Moving Mountains patty, entirely plant-based and packed full of goodness and nutritional content. Topped with vegan cheese, minced white onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup and served in a pretzel bun…I’d never heard of a pretzel bun, so that alone got me excited!


I headed down to our local 7Bone in Southampton (where it all started four years ago!) to try it and see what else I could get my hands on from the menu, welcomed by Connor and his friendly staff. We were seated and Connor went over the menu with me, as there are a few items suitable for vegans that aren’t clearly labelled that way – remember this when you’re eating out, if you don’t ask you don’t get! If something sounds like it should be vegan, you can always ask for a little more information on the ingredients or how somethings been cooked. He informed me that the seasoned fries were vegan, cooked separately safe from any cross-contamination with non-vegan products. The fried pickles (Frickles), fried chillies (Frillies) and Smoked Cauliwings are also suitable for vegans when the rasta dip is switched out for BBQ or the Chipotle Ketchup. Just check with your server when you’re ordering to be sure!

Daisy’s Revenge vegan burger featuring Moving Mountains patty.
Fried Chillies AKA ‘Frillies’
Seasoned fries

The burger itself tastes amazing and is an awesome option for vegans, vegetarians or anyone looking to try something new. There are so many veggie burgers about (which I love!) in the form of bean burgers, vegetable burgers, halloumi burgers etc but there are very few like this. This is a vegan burger for meat lovers. Interesting side note – not all vegans hate the taste of meat! Personally, I’ve not really eaten meat my whole life so I’ve never really had meat burgers so I checked with my boyfriend on how it holds up compared to the meat options, he was very impressed with the taste, look and consistency. If you’re vegan, vegetarian or anything in between and you miss the taste of a good old fashioned dirty burger then this ones for you and will bring back happy taste memories with all the benefits of plant-based eating, the best of both worlds. Aside from the Moving Mountains patty, the pretzel bun itself is a beauty and thankfully tastes as good as it looks!

Between us, we made our way through a massive portion of fries, frickles and frillies – all delicious, but I definitely over indulged! I’m not sure how many fried chillies one person should eat but I just can’t say no to fried anything. The other stand out option for me, though, was the cauliwings! I bloody love cauliflower recently and these smoked ‘wings’ were amazing and also incredibly filling. A great option for anyone trying to trick themselves into eating a few more veggies with their burger.

Daisy’s Revenge vegan burger featuring Moving Mountains patty.

7Bone might be impossibly far from being a vegan restaurant with no intention to head that way, the menu still centred around serving meat based dishes as it always has been, but in my opinion the more options the better. No longer will you be that pain in the ass friend stopping a group from visiting and it’s so important to make veganism more accessible and more enjoyable. Not just for the local vegan community but for everyone – this is a vegan burger anyone could choose. Let me know what you think if you’ve tried it!

Daisy’s Revenge vegan burger featuring Moving Mountains patty.

Check out the video below on my Youtube Channel to see more about this burger close up!

All photos taken by me of the food as served. In the interest of honesty, all food seen here was complimentary for the purpose of review but no money has changed hands in exchange for this write up, my opinions and views are still my own.


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