Mitch’s Kitchen

In preparation for Veganuary, I finally managed to make it down to Mitch’s Kitchen unit to take a look at how it all works. Mitch, along with his lovely wife Shirin, produce fast-paced plant-based meals that are perfect for anyone on the go with a busy lifestyle or, more like me, and sometimes you just can’t be bothered to cook.

Everything is cooked fresh using a rainbow of veg in each dish to get those nutrients packed in.

These are the kinds of meals that would take a proper chunk out of your evening to prepare yourself (plus the dreaded washing up), only these are ready to enjoy in minutes – they even come in double portions if you’re cooking for two! They are generous portions as well, I actually had the sushi bowl over the past couple days, splitting it into three portions for myself rather than two. Best of all, each meal is vegan and free from gluten, nuts, palm oil and pesticides which makes them suitable for just about anyone! I also cannot put into words how delicious this food is, this is more than ‘vegan food’ ready-meals for vegans…This is food any body would be lucky to have served up on their plate!

Each meal is packaged into a sustainable and fully recyclable tray with carbon neutral delivery.

There are currently nine meals on offer featuring flavours from all over the world and you can even pick up giftcards for your pals – these would make an amazing gift for new mums/anyone who could do with a little more TLC on their plates!

Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 14.40.58.png


Sesame crusted teriyaki marinated tofu chunks fresh from the oven.
A little taster of the Rainbow Sushi Bowl freshly plated up – delicious!


Check out the full Vlog below for the cooking tour and see the Rainbow Sushi Bowl come to life!

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