Lush: Naked Vegan Skincare Range

Lush have listened to the masses and finally brought out a brand new naked, vegan skincare range. Whilst many of their products are suitable for vegans, this entire range has been launched specifically with those customers in mind whilst pushing for eco-friendly solutions even further. They released these plastic-free, zero waste, naked products, previously available exclusively online via #LushLabs (Lush’s destination for development and research) online and in limited stores. These innovative beauty products are bursting with creativity and Lush are no stranger to promoting a reduction of single-use plastics.

The plastic-free revolution is growing at an astounding pace; you’ve probably noticed straws disappearing from many of your local bars already alongside the plastic bag charge which is set to rise. If you aren’t familiar with Lush as a brand, each product comes with ingredients listed on the paper bag its packaged in or on the minimalist black pots they use. Made from recycled plastic, you can return these back to store to close the loop and keep the pots from going to landfill and if you collect five they’ll even give you a free fresh face mask to say thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for Cupcake and Rosy Cheeks as these are a couple of their vegan options when it comes to fresh face masks, though staff will happily advise as what’s on offer changes daily. I was gifted a box of goodies to check out with a few bits from this new range. It arrived in a cardboard box packaged with paper and eco-flo chips, which are kind of like those polystyrene peanuts you get only they are a potato-starch-based material and biodegrade in water and soil…How cool is that!? There’s no need to use anything else really when we have options like this. Since this is a naked range, Lush included a sheet of info within the box with all the stuff that would usually be included on the packaging pots which includes a full list of ingredients.


Gritty Politti Cleanser – £4.95

With a soothing sandalwood aroma and beautifully soft texture I could tell I would like this one from the first time I plucked it out of the box! It looks great, but not without purpose – its cute, speckled appearance has been created using a hydrating blend of exfoliating ground coconut shells with coconut oil and kokum butter. Simply smooth this scrubby bar lightly across your skin, or melt a little bit between your fingers to massage in for a little added exfoliation time. It’s recommended that you use exfoliators a couple times a week to reveal fresh skin and once applied, wipe clean with a damp face cloth.


Light Touch Facial Oil – £9.95

Facial oils went crazy over the course of 2018 and I’m always seeing them in use on instagram, usually with the little glass bottle and dropper applicator, but this is the first time I’ve seen a naked, solid bar which is really exciting! This bar has the most gorgeously calming smell to it, featuring relaxing classics like chamomile, lavender and shea butter. However, the witch hazel, spirulina and a whole host of other mineral-rich ingredients means this bar doubles as a toner and promotes a clear complexion whilst protecting your skin from damage. Great for those days when you’re letting your face go naked! Just smooth into the skin and you’re good to go.


Amazon Primer Facial Oil – £9.95

This is a great primer for popping on before you do your make-up. It contains softening cupuaçu butter, moisturising murumuru butter and calming andiroba oil along with a bunch of fancy aromas and one really interesting ingredient I hadn’t heard of before; Alcoholic Tincture of Electric Daisies…Which would be a great album title. Whilst this ingredient is often used to ease toothache due to its anaesthetic properties, when used on the skin it actually helps to relax and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This bar has a refreshing, citrus smell and the arrowroot powder packed in will keep your skin matte and smooth. To use, just warm between your fingers and lovingly massage into your skin.


Like a Virgin Cleanser – £4.95

This is amazing an as alternative to Ultrabland – which I absolutely love and know many that swear by it but unfortunately there are a couple ingredients that mean it’s not suitable for vegans. Lush have swapped out the beeswax in favour of organic extra virgin olive oil, organic jojoba oil and candelilla wax. Taking out the water component makes this a concentrated, solid bar so I’m really excited to see how it lasts in comparison with the Ultrabland tubs. The bar itself is really, really soft so you can just glide it across your skin, massage in and then remove using a damp cloth.

These bars are all applied in a similar way so I would recommend choosing a few to try so you can figure out your favourites – alternatively, head into your local Lush store as they are always super friendly and happy to let you try before you buy as well as advising products for you based on your skin type and what kind of things you’re after! Need an exfoliating cleanser? Try Gritty Politti. Need a make-up base? Amazon Primer is the one for you! Something to remove make-up? Try Like a Virgin and if you’re into keeping it simple then you’re perfectly matched with Light Touch.

Aside from the new vegan range, Lush have plenty of options for vegans as is, naked and not. I’ll pop a few of my personal favourites below:


9 to 5 Cleanser – £5.95

This is the cleanser I currently use daily (morning and night) and if I’ve been to the gym or just on a gross train – any time you just want a quick perk-up for your skin and if you’re just feeling a bit grimey, it’s great to just wipe across your skin on a cotton pad and get rid of any excess dirt that has somehow landed up on your face…This seems to happen a lot more than it should. It has a really light aroma, maybe not exactly what you’d expect from passing by a Lush store (or smelling it from several blocks away!) but they have plenty of more subtle scented options. There really is something for everyone.


Eau Roma Toner Water – £5.95

I follow my cleanser with this toner and it lasts forever, simply spritz on the face or onto a reusable cotton pad and dab onto the skin. Particularly great in the hot summer months as you can pop the bottle in the fridge and just spray to cool down and hydrate your skin a little. The blend of lavender and rose leaves a beautifully light scent that’s suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.


Dream Cream – £7.50

Rich and soothing with oat milk, cocoa butter and rose. My boyfriend and I actually both use this as a face moisturiser even though it’s promoted as a body lotion. There are loads of lovely moisturisers at Lush but a big pot of this as a good all-rounder just works out a bit cheaper for us and kills two birds with one stone. Wherever your skin is dry, slather this on! Great for all the family and particularly good if you’re looking for a more natural approach to soothing eczema, psoriasis and a number of other skin conditions. (In  my experience, I am not a Doctor and know nothing about your skin so do your own research if you’re unsure)

Grease Lightening Spot Treatment – £7.95

I can’t even remember when I bought this, it’s lasted me that long. I tend to get a lot of little spots (blocked pores etc) and I don’t really use it on those as because its used to dry out spots, if you’re smothering it on little tiny spots and thus onto your nice healthy skin it’s probably going to be a little drying on that too. I use this for the big monsters I get every month like swollen peas under the surface which I then, embarrassingly, end up picking and poking at until they get worse and worse. This not only soothes the spot underneath but it acts as an antibacterial barrier to stop it from getting worse (and stop you from prodding) – I usually describe it kind of like bonjela for spots, its a slightly jellyish consistency and dries out as a film covering the spot so you really don’t need to use much, this is a one pump chump and apply it only to the spot itself not the skin surrounding it. This product contains loads of the usual suspects in a perfect blend to try and keep those big red spots at bay; witch hazel, tea tree, aloe vera and lavender amongst other ingredients.


New Shampoo Bar – £7.50

These shampoo bars have been said to last for 80 washes – that’s the same as three bottles of shampoo! If you like Lush but you’re not super into the sweetness and fragrances many of the products have to offer then this is definitely a nice spicy option for you! It reminds me of the hair mask H’suan Wen Hua with the smell but this option is suitable for vegans. With a strong clove aroma, this peppermint and cinnamon infused bar helps to boost blood flow which stimulates your hair follicles, in turn promoting healthy hair. There’s an added dash of rosemary to soothe your scalp and add shine to your hair too. Good enough to eat! Lush also sell tins and these cork pots to keep you from losing any of the goodness from the bar if you’re leaving it in the shower.


Big Shampoo – £7.50

If you’re not quite ready to make the switch to naked products, then there are plenty of potted shampoos you can use and return the tub to keep your waste down to a minimum. This is a volumising shampoo that I absolutely love – it’s a bit strange at first as it has the texture of a thick body scrub, full of sea salt, so it feels like you’re filling your hair with sand in the sea but I promise if you stick with it it will convert you! If you’re like me and you wash your hair as little as humanly possible then a good scrub is definitely needed when you do get down to it. This smells amazing and, let’s be fair, the chunky tub looks pretty damn good to keep in the bathroom, too!


Veganese Conditioner – £5.50

This is a super lightweight but intensely hydrating conditioner, so I always make sure not to use too much so I can eek it out for as long as possible! This leaves your hair super soft and shiny whilst not weighing it down like many thicker conditioners seem to do. No more thick, sludgy supermarket conditioner – this is more of a silky, smooth cream and smells absolutely amazing with a gorgeous blend of lemon and lavender. Particularly good for finer hair to try and tackle those pesky fly-aways!

Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner – £6.95

This is absolutely perfect for anyone trying to enhance highlights (natural or not) and keep brassy tones away from your hair. It works similar to the other purple conditioners on the market only this one is naked, vegan and plastic free! You just rub the bar between your hands like you would with soap and then, once lathered up, smooth onto wet hair. You don’t need much, so this should last you a good while. It also has a refreshing aroma that will leave your hair feeling and smelling squeaky clean!


Sleepy Body Lotion – £8.75

This is the most amazing smelling blend of oatmeal and lavender EVER. Add in sweet tonka absolute and this helps send even the most wide-awake night owls off to dream land. It sounds weird, but it just smells like bed time. Partially the lavender element but I think I’ve also trained myself into this by only using it when I want to get to sleep as part of a routine. You can even get this as a shower cream and naked shower gel bar now as well! I could smell this all day and never get sick of it.

Cup-O-Coffee Face and Body Mask – £8.50

I don’t actually drink coffee very often but I absolutely love the smell of it and this scrub is no exception! It’s a fab exfoliator that doubles as a mask, so just smooth on and then rinse off 15mins later. The perfect way to wake up and invigorate your skin – plus, it’s great to use on your back and shoulders or anywhere else you’re prone to getting spots as a little extra TLC. I love how rich and smooth this mask is, as it exfoliates without scratching up your skin like some chunkier scrubs can.

What are you favourite Lush products? This year I’m wanting to simplify my routine and really narrow down my favourites so I’d love to hear any of your recommendations!

[In the interest of being open, the four examples from the new vegan, naked skincare range were gifted for the purpose of review along with Big, New and Veganese but I have not been paid or sponsored to write this post. Everything else mentioned and photographed I have bought myself and these are my honest opinions and observations]

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