Offbeet New Forest: Give a Cluck

I was invited via the Southampton Bloggers gang to organise a meal out at Offbeet New Forest. This is their brand new venue at only five months old and it’s very different to their original Wickham location. The restaurant at Sunnyfields Farm is much bigger and serves up a totally different menu (and different cake!) but, on top of these changes, they have also been running a few different limited events with special menus.

This was their ‘Give a Cluck’ event, running in support of Deans Farm Trust who rescue abandoned and unwanted animals, bringing them into their sanctuary home. The menu centres around chick’n dishes using seitan to create some much loved comfort food – only this time, it’s cruelty free. Think mac and cheese, wings, burgers and thick, tasty shakes…Lots of smokey flavours, ranch mayo and a bit of hot sauce as well. Check out the full video below to see the new venue and a little look at what we had to eat!

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