Candy Kittens Advent Calendar

If there’s one thing I can go on about forever, it’s my love of Candy Kittens sweets. I discovered them back when I did Veganuary, when suddenly, simply because I couldn’t have just anything I gave myself crazy cravings for everything I *knew* was vegan – Oreos, original Pringles, Party Rings etc. Then, I discovered the Peach Fizz Candy Kittens in the Free From aisle at my local Sainsbury’s…From here, I proceeded to eat an absolutely disgraceful amount of them and it became so known that girls started bringing them for me as treats to photoshoots (how amazing are the ladies I work with!) and I soon discovered the pineapple and blueberry flavours. By this time, Sainsbury’s had also started stocking Sour Watermelon (now my faves) and I still can’t get over how bloody taste they are. They are SO zingy – think, Haribo cherries style zingy, without being made from boiled down animal bits – what’s not to love! This kind of texture and a proper good sour zing is something that’s hard to find in a vegetarian sweet let alone a vegan and gluten free option! The strangest thing is I don’t really like tropical fruit, so I would usually avoid flavours like pineapple and watermelon but Candy Kittens are different somehow…They are just impossibly tasty and have quickly become my favourite sweets! They’re quite expensive compared to a normal packet of sweets but they’re absolutely to die for so I fully excused buying them regularly and have managed to hook so many people I know onto these sweet treats!

Fast forward to November, and this lucky devil has babbled on about Candy Kittens all year to the point that I received TWO Candy Kittens Advent calendars, from my boyfriend and best friend. I really am the cat that got the sweets! Many of you started asking me what’s inside and for more info on them so I figured that having two calendars was the perfect excuse to open one early and explore what’s behind those doors in advance of December beginning so you guys can decide if you want to grab one or not. Check out the video below to find out more and have a proper good look!

Candy Kittens describe this as the most gourmet, vegan advent calendar you’ll ever eat and the best part is the extras – the calendar lasts for 25 days but includes a few extra ‘half’ days…it’s like they know what a greedy pig I am.

The flavours included are: Blueberry Bliss, Peach Fizz, Sour Watermelon and Wild Strawberry. These are all fizzy sweets, so if sourness and tang is your thing then you’ll love this selection. It appears to be random, with individual packets containing two sweets of one of these flavours behind each door which helps a little bit with justifying the expense, as it’s £12 a calendar. Much more than the usual spend but this is a special gourmet advent calendar, so it’s a lovely treat and even better as a gift if you can afford it. If you’d like to pick one up, you can do so here!

*Not sponsored, I just love spreading the word about these amazing vegan treats and thought I’d make the most of having two myself haha!

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