Hello Fresh 2.0

As I wrote in my recent Blog, I’ve been getting recipe boxes delivered from Hello Fresh for a while now on and off . Although it is predominantly a subscription service, you can easily skip the weeks ahead – which is what I do. Alternatively, you can opt in to get them monthly or weekly but the subscription can be cancelled whenever. To read in a little more detail, you can read my original post here.

The pre-portioned ingredients will be delivered to you on your nominated day you and this box came just in time for Halloween, so we were treated to a special themed dish! I order the classic veggie box, which is three meals for two but I usually stretch it to three or four portions as they are often very generous in size. With the £20 off code, it works out £2.60 per meal which is great value for money – and that’s even before squirelling away the extra portions! This isn’t a sponsored post, just a very good deal. You can see some of their recipe examples here.

This week we had a leek and potato gratin, quesadillas and a buffalo cauliflower recipe and they were all delicious. I have slightly less choice when picking my menu as I’m vegetarian but it’s definitely improving and I’m often pleasantly surprised by the meals I think I won’t like, such as the gnocchi last time.

If you’d like to try out Hello Fresh yourself, then I have a promo code you can use (and pass on to friends, it’s not limited, don’t worry!) if you order your box via this link or simply typing in the code when prompted at the check out: D47YU2

This makes the classic box for two £16 instead of £36 so it’s a pretty decent saving! If you want to see more about my experience with our latest delivery, then make sure you check out the full video below. I have filmed from unboxing right through to cooking and eating the recipes – I’ve got a new Vlog camera now so I thought it was time for a revisit to this.

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