Food: Hello Fresh!

I’ve been getting recipe boxes delivered from Hello Fresh for a few years now on and off – they’re not something I can afford to subscribe regularly to but whenever there’s a deal on, I’m there! Hello Fresh is a subscription service but you can easily skip the weeks ahead, or set yourself on holiday so that you can get boxes as and when – which is what I do. Alternatively, you can opt in to get them weekly if you are looking to budget for something more regular but the boxes can be cancelled whenever.

Once you have chosen your dishes from a selection of meals, they will schedule a delivery on a day of your choosing with all the pre-portioned ingredients you need and often including seasonal locally sourced fresh ingredients. I live in Southampton so I often get tomatoes or garlic from the Isle of Wight for example. If you’re not in, they’ll usually leave the box in a safe place outside but everything is packaged to stay cool so all your ingredients will still be totally fresh when you get back to it.


I order the classic veggie box, which is three meals for two but you can also get family boxes if you have more mouths to feed! There are some really lovely reviews for this box on the website and the family box also works out way cheaper, at less than £3 a meal rather than the usual £5 a meal. However, this is without the code I have. With the £20 off, the classic box for two works out £2.60 per meal which is great value for money! You can see some recipe examples here.

This week I got a creamy gnocchi dish, a coconut daal and a bean stew with crispy cauliflower nuggets to top it with and all the meals were delicious – I kept every recipe and I’ve already made the curry again since!

The only downside if you’re vegetarian is that you have less options to choose from, but generally I just wait for a ‘good week’ that suits my tastes and sometimes I’ve actually been quite pleasantly surprised by some meals I didn’t think I’d like (such as the gnocchi in this box!) I’ve also noticed that the recipe variety is changing and improving, in the new few weeks they are adding in more recipes to choose from and including a selection of ‘express meals’ that are ready within 15-20mins. Totally perfect for those of you who are wanting quick after work meals! Alongside the food itself, how regular your subscription is also earns you points to get free bonus items ranging from a tea towel to oven mits through to a range of kitchen utensils, so that’s a nice extra bonus!

If you’d like to try out Hello Fresh yourself, then I have a promo code you can use (and pass on to friends, it’s not limited, don’t worry!) if you order your box via this link or simply typing in the code when prompted at the check out: D47YU2

This makes the classic box for two £16 instead of £36 so it’s definitely worth it! If you want to see more about my experience with our latest delivery, then make sure you check out the full video below. I have filmed from unboxing, to cooking the recipes and included my personal opinion on these recipes too!



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