Food: Cocktails at Cabana Brasil

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When Alice invited me to join some of the Southampton Bloggers crew for a cocktail evening at Cabana Brasil in Southampton, including three courses of food, I wasn’t 100% sure it was suitable for me. As a vegetarian who eats a heavily plant-based diet, I usually try and go to restaurants that have lots of Vegan options and as far as I was aware, Cabana Brasil is a very meaty venue! It made me realise how much I rely on the safety of having options but we all get thrown into those family events where there’s almost nothing on the menu suitable – there have been many times when I’ve just had fries for dinner. Fortunately for me, I love fries.

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Cabana Brasil have several locations throughout the UK and is one of the many restaurants in the new building that’s part of West Quays new extension, boasting lovely outside seating with a view of the old walls where there are often light displays, projections and other interesting projects going on. As soon as I arrived, staff let me know where the rest of the ladies were sitting and I scuttled off to join them! I saw a few familiar faces from previous events and had the opportunity to make some new friends as well before we ordered our drinks and food. I also took this chance to plug in and charge my brand new camera that I’d just picked up, as I was planning on getting some video footage of the event.

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Firstly, the cocktail menu is amazing – I definitely need to head back here with my sister as that is SO our thing. Loads of them are 2 for £10 as well which obviously makes them even tastier. There’s a selection of bellinis on offer which excited me instantly as I pretty much only drink prosecco – you’d be surprised how many cocktail menus don’t feature anything like that, they’re so simple! MORE BELLINIS PLEASE!

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There are a selection of classic cocktails such as caipirinha, daquiri, and long island ice tea BUT the most interesting are their twists on classics. They serve a very photogenic frozen margarita with sprinkles coating the rim and even a drink titled ‘jungle fever’ that has gummy worms escaping from the depths but you can check out the full drinks (and food!) menu here The menu is really easy to navigate, especially for dietary requirements which is a huge and very welcome bonus.

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I chose chargrilled halloumi with guava dip (Apparently known as “Romeo & Juliet” in Brasil…Very cute) to start my meal with – it’s so hard to turn down halloumi! I had every intention of eating fully vegan that evening but, in my defence, there weren’t many options for a vegan starter, from what I could see it was pretty much a bowl of nuts or a bowl of olives…The main, however, more than made up for it. I had the crispy cauliflower coconut curry and I genuinely think it was the nicest vegan curry I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It was absolutely gorgeous, the cauliflower was cooked *perfectly* – my knife slid right through it but it wasn’t mushy, and the flavours of the sauce were just amazing. It’s described as a mild and creamy coconut curry from Bahia and is served with Biro-Biro Rice. I would go back to Cabana just for that curry! Scrap ‘would’, I will – and my dad will definitely be wanting some of their decadent flourless chocolate cake! Considering they specialise in a variety of grilled meat dishes, I was very impressed and, if I’m honest, a little surprised. Pleasantly so!

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Finally, it was time for desserts! I am *such* a dessert person but even I was almost too full for a proper pudding. That NEVER happens. Please bare in mind that I did actually go out for lunch…and cake, before following up that evening with a three course meal – don’t judge me! Everything looked amazing; chocolate cake, churros, sundaes but I opted for the vegan ice cream and it was SO good! Two scoops of super refreshing chocolate and coconut rippled ice cream.

To get the full vibe of our cocktail-fueled dinner make sure to check out the Vlog below – it’s only a quickie as this is a brand new camera (hoorah! Expect to see more in the future…I have to now that I’ve spent money on it haha) but you’ll definitely enjoy seeing the variety of food we got through. The images you see here are just stills from the video footage so definitely take a look!

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